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We are two women who are doing what we love. We went to Culinary school and have worked in restaurants, but find our passion lies in Pastries, baking, and decorating. And that is what this Blog is about, our turning our skill and passion into a business.

Apr 17, 2010

Jumping In...

So this is our, Mine and Stacey's first blog....

Welcome to Have Your Cake and Icing Too!

We invite your thoughts, advice, information, and support. We will post everything relevant to our company and the business of making dreams, realities. That is what drives us, this passion of giving a bride, or a mother, or a grandfather the cake of their dreams. To see that delight and surprise in their face and eyes. Gives us reason to push ourselves.... for you.

But not only do we makes cakes, but also cupcakes, cookies and other pastries... our specialty being cakes and cupcakes.

So indulge your imagination and we will indulge you...


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